Hire A Mixologist For A Wedding Party

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Why Hire Toronto Barmen?

In recent years DIY bartending at weddings have become popular ways for couples on a tight budget to keep their wedding spending under control. Unfortunately, a lot of people assume that they can simply ask friends to take turns running the bar. Having an amateur cocktail bartender may actually wind up costing you money both in terms of alcohol poured. Here are some key things to understand and questions to ask before you hire a bartender.

• Check with your venue and caterer
If hiring your own cocktail bartender is important to you, you need to decide that before booking a venue. For insurance reasons, many venues and caterers have restrictions on who is and isn’t allowed to serve alcohol on site. Some caterers and venues allow you to purchase your own alcohol off site, others do not. Make sure you fully understand the costs and requirements of running your own bar. Some venues and caterers do not offer bartending services or alcohol. If you do not want to hire your own bartender, you may want to look at a different venue.

Hire A Cocktail Bar Toronto

• Know your guest count
35 guests per cocktail bartender is a general rule of thumb. So, if you’re having a 200 guest wedding you’ll probably want to play it safe and have three bartenders plus bar backs and drinks waiters. Having too few bartenders can result in long lines, frustrated guests, and even delays in your reception. Having too many bartenders is, well, a waste of the money you’re trying to save.

• How much alcohol?
You know your crowd best, but generally speaking you should budget for three drinks per person for the cocktail reception (2 hours) and one drink per person per hour for the rest of the reception. If you will be purchasing alcohol yourself, make sure to determine how the alcohol will be delivered to the reception site. Ask about return policies as well. Most large liquor stores have a special sales staff for events and will work with you.

• Add it all up
Once you’ve determined how much the alcohol, insurance and staffing costs are – compare that to any estimates you may have received from the caterer or venue. In the long run it may be less hassle and less money to let someone else hire the bartender.

If you do decide to hire your own bartender, don’t forget to check Hire a Mixologist for best cocktail bartenders for hire in your area.

LED Bars For Hire

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The illuminated LED Bars are available for hire in Toronto, we delivery anywhere. Our bar hire package is a service with a range of mobile bars for you to choose from, including our LED bars, basic bars, golden bars, branded bars for corporate events and more. Toronto Barmen also has lots of bar styles and colours depending on what your event theme and the budget which has been allocated.

Hire Bartenders For Parties At Home Toronto

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Hiring an experienced and skilled mixologist is central to running a successful event!

Hire bartenders for private parties at home! While there are plenty of individuals who can pour beer and wine or make mixed drinks, Toronto Barmen has the best bartenders available for hire. What makes us special? Our bartenders for hire are:

  • Compassionate: Toronto Barmen can relate to patrons on a more personal level. Beside making amazing drinks, our mixologists will interact with your guests, keeping them entertained!
  • Multitaskers: Our mixologists are able to help the venue’s bar staff and make service bar drinks (beverages for the rest of the guests attending the event) while simultaneously serving the cocktail bar guests
  • Outgoing: Happy! Yes, our mixologists are happy to work the bar at your event. Always smiling, the bartenders will make the best drinks in the shortest period of time and always with a big smile on their face!
  • Responsible: We know how important is to keep your guests happy but we also know how important it is to keep it safe. Our bartenders will make sure everyone is drinking responsibly on the night.

Finally, our Toronto Barmen are hard working. They do what they do best – making cocktails, keeping your guests happy and they will keep the bar area clean at all times. Hire mixologists for parties at home in confidence with Toronto Barmen today!

Hire a Cocktail Bar For a Corporate Event

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Hire a cocktail bar for a corporate event with Toronto Barmen!

Have you and your Toronto business decided to attend a trade show or you want to exhibit for the first time and you need to attract the crowd at your stand? Hire a Bartender and let us help you kick start your day in style! Everyone loves a cocktail, we can help promoting your services by attracting potential customers with the best cocktail service in town!

Create a highlight for your event or your trade show booth. Our extensive range of bar specialties will enhance your event, providing a unique experience for your customers and guests. Our fully trained cocktail bar staff team will treat your guests with various drinks, cocktails and mocktails of course.

Over the years we helped countless businesses interested in promoting their brands with the help of a Cocktail Bartender, it always works! Our next client could be you! Toronto, Mississauga and Hamilton – we cover all the areas! Let us show you what we can do to help out planning the perfect show and together we can build a cocktail menu to match the theme of the event and the product you want to sell!

Hire the standard mixologist by the hour option and provide your own glasses or ingredients or book the full bar packages and let us look after every aspect of your bar service so you can concentrate on things that matter!