Toronto Barmen provides the highest-quality event mixologists, cocktail waiters and private bartending services for house parties, bachelorette party weekends, weddings, office parties, corporate events and more.

Our professional and passionate cocktail bartenders are dedicated to making your party a huge hit. Whether you need to hire bartenders by the hour or an all inclusive drinks package, Toronto Barmen will build a bespoke package to suit your requirements!



Toronto Barmen makes it easy to locate on-line and hire private bartenders for private parties and events.

Event Mixology Packages

Toronto Barmen is Ontario’ premier mobile bartending catering service company! Each of our bar catering offerings can be customised to satisfy the most demanding party planners ensuring you get the service you want delivered by the best mixologists and bartenders in Toronto.

Learn the beautiful art of Mixology in a fun environment with the best Mixology Classes Toronto has to offer! Mixology events hosted daily at our cocktail bars downtown or from the comfort of your home, hotel or the office!


What should it be, a stirred Martini or the classic Manhattan? Whether you like a mixed drink or a flavoured cocktail based on seasonal ingredients, Toronto Barmen makes it easy to find and hire mixologists for private parties in Toronto and most areas in Ontario state. A mixologist is a must to have for parties at home these days, call or email our events team and enquire about the event bar packages for hire in your area!